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Different design versions of the electronic step are shown in this gallery.

Elektronische Trittstufen Elektronische Trittstufen Elektronische Trittstufen Elektronische Trittstufen Elektronische Trittstufen Elektronische Trittstufen Elektronische Trittstufen



Electronic step – makes boarding your vehicles as easy as pie


An electronic step makes boarding your small trucks dead easy. In addition to the traditional version for body-side sliding doors, several special designs (e.g., for the front doors) are available. The electronic step is very easy to operate. As soon as the sliding door starts opening, an electronic door contact switch extends the step. Your passengers can embark or disembark comfortably because the stepping height is halved. When the body-side sliding door is closed, the step retracts automatically. An indicator lamp in the instrument panel informs the driver of the position and state of the step.


  • Saloon taxis
  • Minibuses
  • School buses
  • Liner replacement services with high passenger load
  • Shuttle busses
  • Ambulances
  • Fire brigade and medical emergency vehicles 
  • Private vehicles


The safety of your passengers is important to us. Therefore, the electronic step is designed to fit the door width of your sliding or front doors of your vehicle exactly so that safe embarking and disembarking is possible. As described above, the step movement is controlled by an electronic door contact switch so that the step is always extended when the sliding door is opened. Manual operation, e.g., by a pushbutton, is not intended for safety reasons. As required by European norms, the step stops automatically and is retracted when it hits an obstacle.

When the step can be connected to the vehicle electronic system, an automatic speedometer disconnect function can be enabled. The purpose is that the step will not extend accidentally when the door is opened while the vehicle is still moving. At the same time the step retracts automatically when the vehicle moves faster than a predefined speed while the door is still open.

Design versions

The standard version of the electronic step is intended for the sliding door on the right side of small vans of different makes. Additional versions are available for some makes, e.g., for the left-side sliding door, the front right sliding door and a dual version for the left-side and right-side sliding doors. The electronic step has been made and constantly improved by this company for many years so that special designs can be developed. Please contact us, we will be glad to advise you and provide you with more information.


The electronic step is available directly from us as manufacturer and will also be installed by us. We will prepare a cost proposal for you. Several standard versions are available ex stock.
The electronic step can also be installed by any auto service centre of your choice. In that case, the preassembled step is shipped with all required fasteners, cable harness for connection to the electronic system of the vehicle and installation instructions. Operation instructions and documentation for troubleshooting and remedy are always part of the supply.


  • 30 months with unlimited mileage


  • EMC test
  • Type approval by the Kraftfahrt-Bundesamt (German Federal Motor Transport Authority)
  • Demonstration to a certification company (in Germany: TÜV; DEKRA; GTÜ. etc.) is necessary after installation of the step for entry into the vehicle documents.


  • Electronic control with encapsulated linear drive
  • Bolted construction, completely made of special aluminium sections
  • Stepping surface made of profiled aluminium sheet, anti-slip and anti-soil
  • Robust guide system, insensitive to soiling, ice or snow
  • Maintenance-free construction
  • Supports maximum 300kg
  • Extends within 2 seconds after release of the electronic door contact when the door is opened
  • The standard step weighs approximately 30 kg